To micro or not to micro

This weekend I'm having family over for an early season cookout. I have the grillables ready, plenty of veggies for those who don't like meat, and plenty of meat for those who don't like veggies, and a ton of cheese for both. 

But now the tough question: should I buy the "standard family macro beer"?  I'm a Happy Hour Guy, and with that comes great responsibility -- sharing my love for craft beverages.  But, my family drinks macro-brews when they get together. In fact, a macro-brew that I've never liked and won't drink when I visit them (I'd rather just have tap water, thanks). But, I'm the host, and I want to please my guests.

How can I please my guests when they only want horrible beer?

I think this is from the SI swimsuit edition, 1988.

I think this is from the SI swimsuit edition, 1988.

So this evening, as I wander the ever-expanding beer aisle of my local supermarket, I will be faced with a decision -- do I force my love for craft beer on folks who aren't ready for it? Or do I break down and buy a 6-pack of the family-standard brewskis and just shut my pie hole?

What will you do?