Outpost: Colorado.

The Maroon Bells - some of the most photographed mountains in the world.

The Maroon Bells - some of the most photographed mountains in the world.

One of the greatest things about The Happy Hour Guys has always been that the show is so very portable. As Actors, Mark and Jimmy are always traveling around then world for various projects, and where they go, The Happy Hour Guys inevitably follows. 

This summer, while Mark holds down the fort on Broadway in NYC, (Newsies, The Musical) Jimmy will be spending 10 weeks in Aspen, Colorado doing the musical The Full Monty at Theatre Aspen. And there is much to cover in and around that frontier outpost! (But can a town with a Prada flagship store ever truly be called an outpost?!?!?)

These require more study. And camera angles.

These require more study. And camera angles.

Be sure and drop us a line or leave a comment if you're interested in seeing us at your place, or are looking to do a fun event - either in CO or NYC.  

Its going to be a terrific summer! 

MAKING BEER: Let's talk process, with Aspen Brewing.

Back in 2010 we had a chance to do a beer making PROCESS SHOW with our friends out West at Aspen Brewing Company, in their old space.  Things have changed mightily for them since (they've grown a ton, have moved their taproom and brewery to new, larger spaces, they package their beer now, etc etc etc...) but the process of brewing beer is still the same.  And Rory Douthit is a masterful teacher.  Now LETS MAKE SOME BEER.  Cheers!



Video episode #133: Making beer with Aspen Brewing Co, THE DRINKING.

The Guys complete this year's anniversary stop at Aspen Brewing by working the rest of the way through the Brewing Process with Rory Douthit, head brewer. And through the magic of film, we get to taste our creation! Will it be a flop, or the best Brown Bear Ale ever? Tune in and see! Cheers!

Video #83: Aspen Brewing Company, 2009!

Well, we can now say that we've been in this business long enough to make return visits - The Guys swing back up to Aspen and spend some time with Brad, Duncan, Rory and Terry at Aspen Brewery. Last year? 3 brews on tap. This year? 7 full-time beers, more on the way, and well over 50% growth (100% anyone?). Very exciting things are happening at 557 N. Mill Street in Aspen, CO - and they taste pretty good too. Join The Happy Hour Guys for this fantastic return visit!