Broadway Brews Project, SCHOOL OF HOPS: Brew Day!

It's time for SCHOOL OF HOPS to hit the Brew Kettle, then the Fermentation Tanks! 

THE DAY HAS ARRIVED. Let's head down to Atlantic Highlands, New Jersey (a short trip by fast ferry from Manhattan) to Carton Brewing, and brew the second Broadway Brew, SCHOOL OF HOPS! Join The Guys and today's Celebrity Brewers, Nehal Joshi and Jesse Swimm of the cast of School of Rock the Musical, as they get to work 'mashing in' on School of Hops. Big thank you to Augie Carton for hosting us, and to camera operators Justin 'Squigs' Robertson, Brad Burke, and Dane Agostinis! Cheers and enjoy!

Broadway Brews Project, SCHOOL OF ROCK: Let's meet the Team!

The second Broadway Brew process gets underway as the cast of School of Rock the Musical meets up with brewer and owner Augie Carton of Carton Brewing, at Rattle N Hum West. But this night isn't just all fun and beer drinking, there are jobs to do: What kind of beer will the cast choose to make? What will they name it? And who have they decided that the beer will raise money for? 

Each Broadway Brew is a THREE EPISODE SERIES: And for School of Rock, this is Episode One. Click onward to meet and learn more about some pretty awesome folks, and most importantly, raise money for a terrific cause. Cheers!

Many thanks to all the folks who helped out this evening, from Ashlee and Joe at Rattle N Hum West, to Erin, Brad, Jeffry, Holly and all the Broadway Brews fans. Let's BREW!